I love belts. I might be in the minority on this one, but when it comes to style, some of my favorite pieces are the subtle, lesser-seen ones. A good pair of underwear, a fun pair of socks, a sharp belt. There’s something about the accessories that feel like they really polish up and put the finishing touches onto a look, regardless of how formal or how casual it may be.

But belts are a bear sometimes.

I measure at a 30 waist, but belts can be tricky to get right; Sometimes even the appropriately sized belt can feel a little screwy, and if you want to adjust it, each notch is about an inch tighter or looser. That’s a pretty wide gap. And so there are times when I have to choose between my belt being cinched up a little snugger than I’d like, or sagging a little more than I’d prefer. And after a while, that bad boy starts to crack, wear, and look like hell. First world problems, I know.

But there are belts, and then there’s Anson.

Now, we’ve talked about Anson before, but this was my first time giving them a shot, and I have to say, I was impressed.

The beauty of Anson belts is that it’s the most customizable belt you’re ever going to find. Every belt comes at the same size and getting the perfect fit is a quick, easy four-step process.

  1. Lift the latch on the buckle and slip the belt out.
  2. Stick the strap around your waist and through your belt loops. Take a look at how much extra material there is, and make a mark for reference.
  3. Cut the belt material where you made your mark (Anson recommends leaving a little extra for the first cut just in case. You can always cut more if you need to.)
  4. Reinsert the strap into the buckle and close the latch.

And that’s it. You’ve got yourself a perfectly fitted belt. But that’s not the only beautiful part about Anson.

The micro-adjustment threads on the back of the belt mean two big benefits; The first is that you can adjust by 1/4 inch increments as opposed to the standard 1 inch. That means a much more fluid fit with more options instead of getting locked in my aforementioned too tight/too loose limbo.

The second benefit is that it eliminates the wear and tear. Since you aren’t plugging a peg through a belt hole and constantly bending and folding the material to put on and take off the belt, it stays looking clean, pristine, and brand new for way longer.

And Anson has made sure you’re pretty much never going to run out of options or buckle/material combinations. They offer 1.25″ wide belts and 1.5″, both of which come in everything from vegetable tanned leather to graphite canvas. Every buckle is detachable and interchangeable, coming in gunmetal, gold, and silver with a solid amount of variations. So you can have some real fun mixing and matching belts and buckles, and it essentially guarantees that you’re going to have a belt for any outfit and every occasion.

I went with a black vegetable tanned leather strap, a graphite canvas, and a saddle tanned leather combined with an onyx smoked gunmetal buckle and a classic silver buckle. What I found is that they look as good in formal attire as they do with my jeans – Not many belts in my arsenal are that versatile.

And to top it off, they offer a lifetime guarantee. So if anything ever happens to the functionality of your Anson belt, these guys will repair or replace it for the life that you have it.

So there it is, gentlemen – The best belt you’re ever going to own. So if you’re ready to find out for yourself how easy and cool belt shopping can be, visit ansonbelt.com. Quit “waisting” time – Check them out!

Note: Thank you to our friends at Anson Belts for sponsoring today’s style post.