You’ve decided to venture into the world of yoga.

You enter the yoga class wearing basketball shorts and a free t-shirt you scored from that race you did last summer, and with some nervousness and hesitation you part the sea of yoga pant wearing moms and find your spot on the floor. Expecting simple stretches and awkward acrobatic holds, you find out that yoga is legit. It kicks your ass, and you want more. Congratulations, you are officially a yogi. Now it’s time to look like one.

Yoga wear, in the past, has been dominated by a few key brands which seem to primarily cater to women, but today there are a few amazing brands out there that are stepping up their game for the man, and here are a few that have our attention.


Is there anything Prana can’t create? If you’re an adventurer, then you probably already know the answer. Prana has gear for every activity, from hiking to swimming, to yes, yoga. One of the most admired things about this company is that they go beyond the clothing by offering sustainable products that you know where and how they are made, and that’s news worthy of a headstand. Here are our top yoga picks:

Ridge Tech Tank

With fabric so soft you’ll want to rub your face against it, this tank was built for performance with the perfect amount of stretch and room for movement. Not only is the fabric sweat-wicking, but it’s UPF 50+ when you decide to ditch the studio and get your poses on at the beach.

Wyler Pant

You won’t want to take these off. Comfortable sweat-wicking material with a perfect loose fit and waistband make these the ultimate pants to hit the gym or the couch (after your workout of course).


Gravity Pant

Made of a smooth face performance fleece, these are perfect for the guy that wants a little more fit and warmth. The bottom leg zipper allow you to adjust how you want them to fit, and are perfect for the studio as well as running and climbing.

Fordham Hoodie

You’ll probably want to shed this once class starts, but this dapper hoodie will have you looking like a boss when you get to the studio. A fleecy inside and organic cotton blend will give you a thumbs up from Mother Earth, too.



When you think of yoga apparel, chances are you think of Lululemon … and for good reason. Their selection of gear, more importantly for men, continues to grow and their collections seem to just get better and better. A highly skilled team of designers and engineers push the limits by finding ways to make their yoga gear more comfortable, durable and long lasting. With an impressive selection of styles, it can be a hard decision on what you need. Here are our picks:

Metal Vent Tech Tank

They call it seamless construction, we call it flawless. Sweat-wicking and lightweight fabric combined with their Silverescent technology, which prevents the growth of stink causing bacteria, make it one of the best out there.


T.H.E. Short

These shorts are worthy of any workout, even outside of the yoga studio. Fast-drying fabric, lots of stretch and a built in lining make these comfortable and performance ready.


Manduka has traditionally been known for their yoga mats, and for good reason as they are truly the best you will find. We were surprised, and excited, to find that their men’s yoga apparel line is actually just as awesome as their mats, placing this inspiring company at the top of our yoga gear must haves for men. Best of all, it’s afforadable for the guy who wants to look like a pro but is on a budget. Here are our picks:

Minimalist Tank 2.0

Breathable material is combined with the perfect design, allowing just the right amount of comfort and flow. If sweat is an issue, this tank is one of the fastest drying tops out there and quickly became one of our favorites.

Now Pant:

With the colder weather, it’s nice to have a pair of pants you can not only wear to the gym, but not have to change into different pair for your workout. These pants are just that! They are comfy, yet not baggy. They provide the perfect amount of fit for performance and the fitted ankle area allows you to decide what length you want.


Onzie has stepped it up when it comes to their men’s line. It’s the go-to brand when you want to look as good as you feel after a yoga class. Their apparel uses what they call “free-flow” fabric to keep you cool and comfy, and with a wide selection of colors and fun patterns at the perfect price point. That’s a win-win in our book. Here are our must haves:

Raglan Short Sleeve:

Designed to be basic, but there’s nothing basic about this top. A slimming design that seems to mold perfectly to your body and can withstand the test of any athletic feat.

Core Capri:

If you really want to step up your yoga game, splurge on a pair of these core capris. Not your typical yoga pant, these mold to your body yet give you the perfect amount of movement with a comfy spandex stretch. What we love most about these is the impressive selection of colors and patterns (even skulls!), giving a sometimes needed punch of color to your yoga routine. If you are uneasy about wearing these on their own, layer with a pair of their board shorts for the ultimate yoga ensemble.

Board Short:

Worthy of the studio but built for everything else in between. These are your to-go shorts for any day, all day. The drawstring allows you to get that perfect fit. We opted for the black camo pattern, but trust us you are more likely to stand out than get lost in a sea of traditional black yoga apparel.


Where has this company been all our yoga doing life? When two guys get together to create an athletic apparel company because they couldn’t find items that they wanted to wear, you know good things will happen. Sustainable products, community support and California inspired designs make Vuori a stand-out company for guys looking to step-up their yoga game. Here are our favorites:

Tradewind Performance Tee:

Now you can look cool and keep cool. This tee is sharp, with breathable material and performance stretch. We love the classic front pocket, making this shirt perfect to wear on any occasion, but if you find yourself in a hardcore yoga session it’s got your back.

Kore Short:

If you are going to invest in one pair of yoga shorts, these are probably what you should get. The perfect amount of stretch, anti microbial and anti bacterial to keep you from getting stinky and moisture wicking to keep you dry. Best part? No undies needed. There is a built-in lining that allows you to go commando, and with confidence. As an added bonus, these come in a fun dot pattern (and many other patterns available) that will make you stand out from your classmates, and being unique is always awesome.

That’s our ultimate yoga guide for men. Now grab that mat and hit the studio, and look damn good with the help of these brands. Did we miss a brand that we should have included? Share it with us in the comments below. Namaste.

Featured photos courtesy of Patrick Lipsker, shot at The Union Studios in Spokane, WA