There’s no denying that A-frame homes are awesome. That might not be a phrase you’ve heard uttered since the 60’s, but the truth of the matter is A-frames are back in a big way. They show up in popular cabin blogs and social media pages, they’re hot with DIYers and the tiny house movement, and there’s a good reason for their marked uptick in attention; they’re the ultimate design for simple, rustic, and manly living.

A-frames first found popularity in the later 1950’s and 60’s when middle class America was booming, and families found themselves with enough disposable income to invest in second properties and vacation homes. Easy to build, energy efficient, and incredibly cheap to construct, they tended to be relatively small and simple – the perfect affordable recreational home away from home when you wanted to escape to your favorite lake spot or mountain getaway.

By the 1970’s, A-frames were passé. A sign of an era gone by. Vacation homes were becoming more commonplace and being built with more square footage, and those who once opted for A-frames were instead investing in timeshares and condos.

So why the sudden resurgence?

The answer is in the very reason they exploded in popularity in the first place. In today’s difficult economical climate and with the increased cost of living, Millenials are searching for simpler, and more cost efficient means of living. It’s the same reason the tiny house movement has become a force to be reckoned with – the low expense, simplicity, and minimalist approach to living spaces is a principal that is being embraced in a big way today.

But while everything old is new again, the reboot of the A-frame craze brings with it some modern twists and rad new renovations that bring the classic design into the 21st century.

They aren’t just vacation homes anymore – these babies are built for livin’. With a bit of extra loft space, and in some cases an entire small second floor, this minimalist approach to homeownership is a step in a smarter direction. Instead of increasing your square footage and thus increasing everything from your heating and air conditioning bills, to the amount of cash you’re going to drop on furniture to fill all the rooms and spaces, A-frames offer the chance to simplify your living space down to the essentials, and avoid becoming a slave to the things you own.

If you’re ready to scale down and live simply, there is no better way to go than with a rustic classic. There’s a good reason A-frames are back, and we give them an A+.