Being a contributing writer for OneUpped Mag affords me the opportunity to step outside of my little world, meet new people and discover new brands. As some of you may have read in previous posts I’ve written, I focus a lot on boots, denim and leather goods. I admire the quality and craftsmanship that goes into these small batch items; the beauty, dedication and patience it takes to produce a piece of art someone will live in.

So, let me introduce to you Sitrana Boots.


Sitrana is a boot maker that takes their craft seriously and seeks to create footwear that is fashionable and functional.  Based in Santiago, Chile, Sitrana has been making boots for decades.  Their footwear has a rodeo heritage and work boots in their DNA , while designed and built for casual wear.

All of Sitrana’s boots are made by hand, where they follow a very meticulous process. From beginning to end each pair can take upwards of two days to make and involving at least 7 highly skilled boot makers, each focusing on a different part of the boot. Due to offering 9 different styles and sizes ranging from 8-14, getting a pair can take between 4-8 weeks.

Sitrana was kind enough to let me try out a pair of their Bill Boots; where the goal was to test them out in my day to day life, here in the Pacific Northwest.

My wardrobe consists mostly of denim and flannels so it wasn’t hard to figure out what these boots would go with. A simple pairing with raw denim and I was in love; but I wondered if these boots could go with dressier outfits (e.g. chinos, khakis, button ups, ties, etc)? They absolutely could!

Most men want and prefer a boot that is functional, has some style and class to it; and if it doesn’t break the bank, that’s an added bonus. Sitrana really does provide you that level of boot.

The Bill boot typically comes with a leather sole. My pair came with an additional vibram outer sole that provided a bit more traction for those rainy Seattle days.  Without getting into the finer details of their leather; Sitrana uses waxed cowhide that undergoes a tanning process involving chromium. So the leather on my boots was already pliable and did not take any time to break in. Some boots I’ve owned, the leather was so stiff that it took near a week of solid wear for them to mold to my feet and ankles.  This pair, was surprisingly comfortable and gave me good support throughout my day. Additionally, the Bill and Buko style display a wider shaft than you would typically see on men’s footwear, which makes them unique and set apart.

Another feature that is worth noting is the use of recycled tires in the making of their soles.  When speaking with the co-founder of Sitrana he explained to me that they like to use what resources they have locally, as it cuts down on waste and production costs.

Aesthetically, the toe box is narrow and has a slimmer profile along with the cap toe. They came with beige cotton laces that offer a bit of contrast to the brown leather.  The heel is lower on this style which feels like a rugged dress shoe at points. The piece that I like a lot,  is that these are not service boots.  Service boots, while I’m a huge fan of, are more than plentiful in the denim community. Sitrana’s Bill boot gave me something different and unique. When I asked my wife what she thought of these boots she said, “I like them, they don’t look like all your other boots.”

That’s a strong selling point for me.

Stylistically and practically Sitrana boots are a great choice for your wardrobe. Their price point is very reasonable and will offer you versatility with what you wear.  Additionally, you are supporting a boot-maker that is passionate about their craft and the community they live in and the lives they touch.

Do yourself a favor a get a pair of Sitrana’s.