The art of designing book covers is an art in itself. The goal being to give us a brief glimpse of the story line while leaving some intrigue and mystery on where the pages that follow will actually take us.

That’s when Peter Chlebus-Jancarczyk steps in. The 41-year-old librarian from Poland was going about his daily routine of “collecting and processing collections of books” when he found himself holding a book with a quarter-faced woman staring into the unknown.  Rather than routinely shelving the book, he decided it would be fun to “take a picture with her.” This started his book cover self-portrait project and the rest of the story is, well, in the books.

Check out the scrolling gallery below!

Remember, never judge a book by the cover, but if that cover has a sultry half a head with red lips, we can guarantee that Peter will be all over it. Keep up with his latest portraits by following him @peter_the_bearded. Know of a book Peter should photograph? Let us know in the comments below!