Either I have it, need it, or simply just want it, here are my top men’s holiday gift picks for 2017. Am I missing out on something awesome that made your wish list? Let me know in the comments below. From all of us at OneUpped Magazine, Happy Holidays!

Truefitt & Hill

If it’s been good enough for nobility for the past 200 years, it’s good for me. Truefitt & Hill is a gentlemen’s hairdressing and perfumery business established in 1805. Their cologne sprays are formulated to perfection, giving a smooth fragrance that is not overpowering while soothing and refreshing the skin. My favorite is the Apsley Cologne, a delicious blend of wood and citrus fit for a king (or a magazine editor). $95

Style By Orion

When Ryan Rosenkilde, one of my favorite men’s style Instagram accounts, starts a sock company he has my attention. Style By Orion was founded just this past year with socks made in the USA. After years of research, Ryan launched his first line of exceptional quality pairs and a handful of styles to meet the needs of any guy looking to step-up his sock game.  I’m a fan of the Golden Stripe with Fern accents. $14.50

PARC City Boot Co.

PARC City Boot Co. knows how to mix rugged with stylish, making it a one-stop company for guys needing different styles of footwear 7-days a week. From handcrafted boots for the weekend adventure to sleek loafers for the boardroom, they know what guys need. I’d recommend their Double Monk Strap Shoe, because if you don’t have a pair of monk strap shoes your wardrobe is missing out. $225

Das Boom Industries

I have a love for grooming products. Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, balms, oils and everything else in-between. But, sometimes the morning rush doesn’t allow me to have the full spa experience. Das Boom has created the perfect product for guys on the go. Their Everything Wash is a one-stop scrub for head to toe, and their Detroit inspired scent is a smoky and spicy blend to get your engine going. $24

The Shop Vancouver

While the mountains of Whistler are calling my name, the real reason I want to head north is for a chance to swing by this Vancouver, BC, gem of a store. With a top grade selection of rich leather and selvedge denim, I’m afraid of the damage they could do to my credit card, but at least I’d look damn good. I’m digging the Mister Freedom Okinawa Selvedge Denim Rancher Blouse, because it combines my love of selvedge with a vintage western inspired look and basically would put any denim jacket to shame. $529.99 CAD

Dixon Rand

Dixon Rand is one of those rare companies that make my jaw drop every time they introduce a new piece. While they offer a variety of apparel options and custom pieces, their chain stitch patches are a great first step in introducing yourself to their amazing brand, not to mention a great way to give your old jacket or canvas duffle some personality and new life. I’d go for the Chain Stitch Bison Patch, and let it roam the plains of your plain denim jacket you haven’t worn in 10 years. $75

Western Rise


Shirts rarely excite me, especially if they are a simple solid color. But when I received this shirt in the mail, I knew it was something special. While it maintains a simple appearance, there is nothing plain about it. The rounded collar makes a powerful statement, the material has a comfy feel, and what blows me away is the quality of its construction. The seams are solid and the shirt maintains a sturdy structure that is not only flattering but will hold-up for even the most active adventurer. I’ll be heading back to Western Rise for more, but right now I’m naming their Liberated Hemp Band-Collar the shirt of the year. $109

Brick Bound

I have a thing for bags. Not just any old bag, but ones that have a wow factor … because as a guy you don’t get to carry one that often. So when I heard of a Montana based company that was creating leather goods, I took notice. Best of all, they said screw the sewing machine and only use their … gasp … hands to stitch each piece. Their pieces exude quality and the unique hand stitching design gives each piece their signature look. I don’t own one yet, but I’m including their Wabi Sabi weekender bag in hopes my wife will get the hint. $1,800

More Skincare

Most guys are pretty intimidated with finding a skincare routine. You don’t know where to start or what to use. More Skincare knows exactly what you need. Best of all they are “bringing nature back” by only creating a product line that is natural and paraben free, and powered with essentials from gemstones, vitamins and botanicals. Their Complete Skin Care Set gives you everything you need to bring back that baby face. $151.20

Joseph Abboud

I love designers that take traditional pieces and add a modern day twist. Joseph Abboud is not new to the menswear world, but they have never lost their talent of designing pieces that do just that. When you purchase something from them, you know that it is not only fashion forward but also will last for years to come. I’m eyeing their Cable-Knit Pullover Sweater, which merges the classic cable-knit with a street wear hoodie style. $395

General Knot & Co.

If you follow OneUpped, you know I’m a huge fan of this fantastic New York based company. The owners scour the globe for rare textiles, and then turn them into accessories ranging from sophisticated neckties to playful dopp bags. I’m going with their 1950s Western Print Canvas Laptop Sleeve, because it’s … well just look at it! $78

Landers Design

In a world of plaid flannels, gray cardigans and wool suits, it’s sometimes nice just to throw on some jeans and a graphic tee and hit the town. Am I right?! If you agree, then you probably should buy this “Fuck Yeah!” T-Shirt. $27.99

Buck’s Burley

There are a lot of new men’s grooming companies. Some are good, some not so much. Buck’s Burley falls into the category of awesome. I was stoked to try their first product, a hair Styling Cream, and was blown away. It provides the perfect amount of hold, while conditioning your hair without frizz and prevents the typical greasy look you get from many products out there. If this product is any indication of other products to come from Buck’s, count me in. $19

Thursday Boot Co.

The only flaw I can find with this company is the name, because their boots are truly worthy of every day of the week. But, I’m assuming that won’t fit on their letterhead. Of the many amazing boot companies out there, Thursday continues to impress me with each new style they launch. They really do offer something for everyone, from the guy looking to chop wood to the gentleman wanting to step-up his work attire. I decided to go with the Captain Boot in a rich brown, and I couldn’t be happier with these kicks. $199

Pariah Underwear

This company not only makes underwear that makes you feel good, it’s a company that does good. While you are walking around in their soft, comfy, thermo-control, anti-microbial material, the company is investing $5 of your purchase into programs that support men’s health initiatives. That’s a win-win for your junk and your community, and what other company can boast about that? They have a handful of styles, but their Boxer Briefs are a good start. $12.95

James McCabe

I went through a period where I skipped wearing a watch and resorted to using my cell phone as a timepiece. Then I found James McCabe, a watch company based out of London, and they helped me realize how foolish I had been to forego wearing a timepiece. I opted for the Belfast Automatic, which is as functional as it is stunning with a weathered gray leather strap that gives it a dramatic look. $425

Mugsy Jeans

Buying denim as a gift is tricky as sizing and the proper fit is a guessing game. Mugsy is the perfect go-to company for those looking to buy jeans as a gift. They pride their jeans as being the most comfortable on the market and I believe it. They are crazy soft and very flexible and provide a stylish fit that would look good on just about any guy. Go for the dark wash Fulton Jeans. $98


Kiehl’s has been around since 1851, and is one of those rare companies that seem to keep getting better with age. Over the past few years, they have really upped their men’s grooming line, especially when it comes to skincare. If you are looking to fight the signs of age and maybe don’t know where to start, Kiehl’s Age Defender Line for men is a great place to start. From exfoliating cleansers to daily moisturizers, they’ll help fight off Father Time. $15 to $52

Goorin Bros.

There are a few things every guy should own like a great pair of boots, selvedge denim and a killer hat. Goorin Bros. knows a thing or two about the later, and is my go-to shop for scoring some awesome lids. If you are new to the hat world, go with the Dean The Butcher style, a cult classic that comes in a variety of colors. $150


Oddly enough, I carry a lot of crap in my pockets: wallet, keys, change, mustache wax, pacifiers and the occasional goldfish cracker. So when I come through the door at the end of the day, I tend to dump it all on the counter. Then I lose things or they migrate into the depths of the kitchen junk drawer. This Leather Valet Tray seems to not only look stylish, but could be the answer to my problems (and has a great price). $39