Looking for gift ideas for the creative guy in your life? Trust me, I know from experience, we’re a fickle lot. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back with this list of tried-and-true unique items.

Studio Neat Apple TV Remote Dock

If your creative fella has an Apple TV, this simple and stylish stand will allow him to keep track of the remote and admire it’s great design at the same time.


The Art of Atari

Creative dudes were once little dudes, and if they were little dudes during the 70’s and 80’s then this book of original Atari artwork will hit them right in the nostalgia like a laser blast!


Imbue Creative Tool

Sometimes creatives have work to do and the right tool can be the difference between high-fives or a wastebasket full of crumpled paper. In order to tip the odds in their favor, get your guy this versatile, portable, and just-damn-cool tool!


The War of Art

Sometimes, as you probably know all too-well, creatives struggle with creativity. Call it what you like (creative block, the well is dry, a brain fart) but it’s there, and sometimes it’s a bitch. That’s where Steven Pressfield comes in. When he wasn’t writing the book “The Legend of Bagger Vance” and selling it to Hollywood, he was writing a book about the process of creating art and overcoming resistance. It’s a great read, but an even greater listen…so get ‘em the book and the audiobook. It’s damn funny too.


Sign Painters Documentary

Everyone needs to be humbled from time-to-time and this documentary about the nearly extinct (yet making a healthy comeback…phew!) art of sign painting will do the trick. Back before it was a novelty, sign painting was THE way things were done. No digital printed advertisements or vinyl signs, just good old fashioned, tedious, meticulous, and timeless commercial art. The kind of stuff you still see on the sides of old buildings, and not the fragile, temporary, free-font and clip-art horseshit we see all around us.


Whether your guy is a designer, an artist, a hobbyist, or just a regular Joe the items on this list will surely inspire him. Let it spark a bad-ass idea, an interest in something new, or the inspiration to help push through a creative dry-spell. Happy holidays!