If you’re a bearded man it’s easy to understand why the people in your life don’t know what to give you for the Holidays. Because clearly any man with a beard already has it all. If you’re looking for something a little more material than self-assuredness and general manliness this season here are some of my favorites.

Cliff Original Beard Care Essentials Box $49.99


Cliff Original is the perfect organic solution for any beardsman. They use only natural ingredients like beeswax, goat’s milk, shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, and activated charcoal. This kit comes with my favorite beard oil (in mint or bay rum), a utility wash brick, beard balm, and three lip balms. For a limited time they are including a free charcoal wash brick to every purchase. Which is nice.







Chup Socks $25-35


Chup socks was founded by Glen Clyde in 2009. A Japanese company, they are inspired by patterns from tribes around the world. Each one is woven on old stocking machines that produce only 20-25 pairs a day. Hand finishing locks the seams at the toes to create a unique and intricate pattern of ridiculously high quality. Plus they look wicked awesome.



Big Red Beard Combs $14-64

Many wooden beard comb companies have popped up since the beard boom of the last few years, but Big Red Beard Combs is the original and by far the best. Rick Heatley (who actually does have a big red beard) and his wife Keri started the company out of his furniture shop in the mountains of Victoria, British Columbia in December of 2013. They have a ton of wooden comb designs with multiple types of wood, and now they have metal combs as well. They offer engraving which is great for gifts. Check out their balms and oils too.

Filson Scarf $95


While bearded men grow their own scarves it’s still fashionable and functional to pick up a scarf now and then when those temps get below freezing. I’m a huge fan of the Filson brand based in Seattle, Washington. Known for their durable goods the Hoback Buffalo Plaid Scarf lives up to expectation. After all, what bearded man doesn’t love buffalo plaid!





Red Wing Buckskin Leather Gloves $88.99


Red Wing Heritage makes among the best boots in the game, and has since 1905. Based in Red Wing Minnesota, they know a thing or two about the cold. These buckskin leather gloves are 3.25 oz chrome tanned deerskin and have a 40g Thinsulate lining. I have a pair of these and would gladly accept another pair if anyone is looking for a last minute gift for me.




Jack Mason Watches $200-275

Jack Mason is the ultimate in One Upping your watch game. Based in Deep Ellum Texas they make truly amazing timepieces for the man with discernible taste. Nordstrom has carried their brand since they began in 2013 so I trust Nordstrom on this one. These watches are nothing short of spectacular in their construction and design. Look for a full review of their Aviation, Nautical, and Field designs (pictured here) coming to OneUpped Magazine in the next few weeks.