Pennants, whether new or old, add a much needed punch of color to anyone’s walls. From showing your support for your favorite sports team, to remembering your last adventure to a National Park, they are a great everyday reminder for what makes your clock tick.

Let’s face it. Not everyone has time to scout their local junk shops to score a vintage pennant to proudly hang on their walls. These companies have taken the stereotypical pennant and added a nostalgic kick and even a sense of humor, and we are loving the end result.

Oxford Pennants


Oxford Pennants is the go-to shop for vintage inspired pennants. Each is made in the USA with the finest wool and cotton. Oxford goes beyond the traditional college and athletic pennants by offering a badass selection of themes, from inspirational words to humorous sayings.

Miriam Dema


Is there anything Miriam Dema can’t do? She creates the design, finalizes the graphics and even does her own screens for the printing process. The results are felt masterpieces with a retro vibe. You can view her works at Scoutmob, a cool site that supports independent makers like Miriam.




Three Potato Four


Sometimes we just need to be reminded daily about the important things in life, like “Eat More Tacos.” Three Potato Four has a slew of simple yet awesome pennants that each give a life lesson, and we are digging it!