February not only brought us Valentine’s Day, but it ushered in a multitude of unrealistic expectations from the women in our lives, not to mention the release of those damn ‘Fifty Shades…’ movies. For most men, we view February 14th as just another day during the shortest month of the year. That is the logic behind why I thought it would be fine to take my wife (then girlfriend) to a Kid Rock concert on Valentine’s Day years back. I mean it WAS the only day he would be in our town that entire year. A few years later, on that same boring calendar day, I took her to see a LIVE professional wrestling event. Once again, she was ungrateful for the evening out.

Unfortunately, having a holiday dedicated to love at such an early point in the year leads to further romantic expectations. With an additional ten months in the year, we are left with an endless string of opportunities to show we care. For my wife and the mother of my children (same person, by the way), she deserves my attention and to know how much I love her not just in the middle of February, but every chance I get.

After a decade of doing about as much to set the romantic mood as the last fifteen minutes of ‘Marley and Me’, I decided it was time to bring in an expert for some advice. That is where I enlisted the help of model and COSPLAY sensation Anna Faith Carlson. With a portfolio that ranges from Queen Elsa of Disney’s ‘Frozen’ to the Joker’s love interest, Harley Quinn and over one million followers on Twitter and Instagram, I knew that she would be able to provide some much needed insight. We sat down with Anna Faith and picked her brain about some ideas to help you make a connection with that special person in your life.

1. What is the best thing a guy can do to get noticed in a positive way?

AF: Surprise her! Maybe take her to someplace you have never been before and make sure to call her beautiful, instead of sexy.

2. What is the ultimate date?

AF: Well, I have two perfect dates. One is a night on the town with dinner and my second is to bring me a large, double cheese pizza and large Dr. Pepper while I am at home in my P.J.’s.


3. Tell us something that men often overlook during a date?

AF: The importance of a nice foot rub.

4. How can we ‘dress for success’ on date night?

AF: Do not wear your thug pants or man bun! Dress classy casual (dress shirt, nice pants and shoes – not sandals), spend at least two minutes on your hair and most importantly, smell GOOD!


5. How important is a card and candy?

AF: I am not a huge fan of chocolate, but I would love a cucumber with vinegar and lemon with salt. Figure out what she really likes, instead of just going with the status quo.

6. Any other romantic advice?

AF: This is most important, do not JUST focus on days like Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Try to be attentive and a gentleman every day of the year. Also, CLEAN SOMETHING! Women REALLY love it when guys clean!

So gentlemen, take out those vaccums! And be sure to follow Anna on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook