As the father of two little boys, I’ve ventured a few times into the world of matching “mini me” fashion attempts with polos, bowties and an occasional cardigan. While cute and entertaining, it can come off a little hooky if done outside of family photo ops and special gatherings. That is until recently.

My 7-year-old son, Arthur, is the typical boy with a closet full of Spiderman t-shirts and Minecraft hoodies. So you can imagine my surprise when he said, “I want a pair of boots like yours!” Screw those proud dad moments like his first soccer goal or riding a bike without training wheels … my little dude actually wanted to dress like me and not by force!

Luckily for me, I knew just where to look. Ortodoux, makers of baddass leather kicks, launched a kid’s line and I knew they were my go-to brand to score my son’s first pair. In terms of introducing the world of leather boots to your kids, it doesn’t get much better than a pair of mini Bloodrains by Ortodoux, which happens to be the favorite pair of boots in my growing personal collection. Their solid construction and shiny oxblood color make them stand out and command attention, even from a 7-year-old.

Now if I could only get him to eat his veggies and clean his room.

Bloodrain by Orthodoux, $227. Bloodrain Minioctane by Orthodoux, $140. Or shop the entire collection here.