Sometimes becoming a OneUpped Man means simply making a decision. A decision to challenge complacency and the status quo. That’s exactly what Matthew Swaggart did when he decided to start HoldFast Gear, the coolest camera straps and bags you’ve ever seen.

HoldFast was born from a sense of adventure and the belief that history is waiting to be captured and made. Swaggart started HoldFast in the midst of a personal creative reinvention and was inspired to holdfast to three basic values: Taste, that things must look right, Logic, that things must make sense, and Faith, because logic only takes us so far…and then we must leap. I think we can all get on board with those ideals.

HoldFast’s money maker is their, well, Money Maker. The Money Maker is their premier multi-camera strap. I ended up with the Bridle Leather version, but they are also available in multiple leathers like Python, American Bison, Water Buffalo.

Made and marketed for pro photographers these are a great alternative to bland tourist looking camera straps. These wear more like shoulder holsters or suspenders and have a cool factor that far exceeds any other camera straps. Designed to hold two cameras, they also work great for one camera as well by simply removing one of the leashes.

The Bridle Money Maker ($230) is made from U.S. native steer hides and every piece is made in Oklahoma. They feature anchored metal d-rings to hang accessories or lenses, safety straps for ultimate security and impeccably versatile design make this an essential tool for the modern photographer. The leather is strong, waxy and weather-resistant.

While I’m no pro photographer, wearing these straps sure made me feel like one. Talk about one upping your game. My Nikon hung at my side like some sort of western gunslinger, and allowed me to have my hands free without being cumbersome when I walked.

I also tested the Skinny Money Maker which features a thinner strap with shoulder pads for a sleeker and slimmer look and feel. Both versions of the Money Maker performed like a tank and were built to last a lifetime. I did appreciate the slimmer cut of the Skinny Money maker for travel and extended wear.

If you’re not into the leather straps check out their Camera Swagg line ($155). Camera Swagg is their Money Maker setup in non-leather material. Named for the designers’ name, it’s made of high grade nylon and available in copper, red, navy, and black.

All of HoldFast’s straps come with their unique Camera Holdfast ($28.99 if purchased separately). This accessory clip is the world’s only locking camera screw. It is a locking hook that screws into any standard camera threading and ensures that the camera won’t become disconnected with the straps and fall off.

If you really want to OneUp your photog style give a look to their rustic and rugged Sightseer, Explorer, and Roamographer collections of bags and accessories made of canvas, leather, and waxed canvas.

Photos by Sara Lahman and Brent Whaley.