Underwear can be tricky. We have to mature out of the 28-packs of bunchy cotton Fruit of the Loom that we find at Target and into something more grown up. But even though you may hit the sweet spot with the perfect pair of Calvin Kleins, those bad boys aren’t going to do squat when you decide to get out and get active. So you turn to compression shorts, like an ignorant chump. You smash down your manhood like a Christmas tree on the hood of your car, just hoping everything holds until the end of the ride, and you figure you just have to live with the discomfort because that’s what activewear is all about.

Wrong. So wrong, hombre.

If you’re going to get active, put some SHEATH underneath.

SHEATH underwear are built specifically to ensure that your thunder down under doesn’t have to deal with any of the typical issues encountered with standard sportswear. As they explain on their website:

“As we all know, hot and humid conditions can result in an array of uncomfortable predicaments in a man’s genital region, ranging anywhere from undesirable moistness, to inner thigh sticking, to chafing, to rashes and irritation. It is in these times of hardship that we at SHEATH aim to improve your quality of life with our carefully crafted pouch technology and our cooling, breathable, formfitting materials. Having spent years perfecting our design, maximizing comfort and listening to our valued customers so that we may better suit your needs, we take great pride in providing the world with the pinnacle of men’s high-end athletic apparel at an affordable price point.”

It all comes down to the Zen Pouch. The nifty pocket built into the front of the underwear is designed to isolate your huevos away from your inner thigh – This in turn prevents the normal sticking, smashing, chafing, and all around discomfort you typically end up with when you sport regular compression shorts or active under garments. As the lads at SHEATH explain, “The simple, yet elegant design of our Zen Pouch can be likened to that of a kangaroo’s pouch, keeping your joey comfortably dry and separated from the inner thigh region. Unlike other underwear designed for a similar purpose, we at SHEATH are proud to provide a design that avoids the use of gimmicky drawstrings, intrusive linings and pinching seams that you will find in many of the competing brands.”

And this proves to be very true – I gave these babies a test run one morning at the gym, and I have to say I came away pretty impressed.

If you haven’t ever used a pouch for your fruit basket before, your reaction will probably be similar to mine – Initially, I was really not thrilled with the feeling. It felt awkward and really odd, and I wasn’t digging it. But the real beauty of the design kicks in when you start moving. Through an hour or so of heavy lifting – including deadlifts and a bunch of other lifts that have me moving around – plus ab work and a few minutes on the treadmill, I found that my junk stayed pretty securely in place, and there was no bunching or crunching. With the compression shorts I usually wear under my gym pants, there tends to be a lot of sweaty parts that chafe and shift during a workout, and that inevitably turns into me grabbing myself to adjust everything, and someone catching me in the reflection in the mirror, and me pretending like my thigh was just itchy and trying to look nonchalant. SHEATH alleviated all my awkwardness, and for that alone I extend to them a huge thanks. But combine that with serious comfort and functionality, and they’ve since ended up my go-to activewear drawers.

Not only did they keep everything where it needed to be, they were just damn comfortable. But it’s easy to see why when you look at how they’re built: Their standard model features a blend of 95% Cotton and 5% Colored Elastane fabric for a perfect balance of softness, breathability and durability at an affordable cost. The sports and luxury models (SHEATH 3.0, 3.21, 4.0 & Briefs) feature a silky and stretchy cooling blend of 95% Modal and 5% Midnight Elastane fabric for long-lasting comfort and moisture prevention in even the most extreme circumstances. And the Camo line features a unique blend of 94% Polyester and 6% Camouflage Spandex fabric, made for cooler climates and the winter season.

So if you want to see why SHEATH is the best activewear undergarments you’re ever going to try, visit sheathunderwear.com now to learn more. They’re even hooking you up with a special discount: Use the promo code Oneup at checkout to save 20% on your order!

Special thanks to our article sponsors SHEATH