I work from home, and because of this it’s easy to get sucked into a world dominated by athleisure attire. After all, besides a few video chats, the only people that I see daily face-to-face are stay-at-home moms in yoga class, and while I have my own fair share of yoga wear I still want to look good yet be comfortable.

While they might tell you differently, Stubbs & Wootton was created for stay-at-home dads / magazine editors that want to look dapper AF from the comfort of their own home.


Stubbs & Wootton is known for their slippers, but not the plush ones that look like bananas or shearling lined Uggs. We are talking velvet slippers that are worthy of being worn in my home office or to a royal dinner at Buckingham Palace. You can pair them with pjs or a tux, and that’s pretty cool.

Their exceptional craftsmanship, materials and sense of humor has landed them on my must have list. Stubbs & Wootton $600