If you are eating healthy, exercising and paying attention to your health, chances are that you’ve heard this comment. I often see it as a blanket statement that headlines articles bashing the dietary supplement industry. Is it true? Am I flushing my money down the toilet? Literally?!

The answer isn’t a simple yes or no.

Dietary supplements like multivitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and countless more can be incredible tools to help us achieve optimum health and longevity. They can also just create expensive urine.

The difference between optimum results or expensive urine lies in the formulators hands. Anytime a company creates a dietary supplement they choose which ingredients will be included. More importantly, they’ll need to choose the source of each ingredient. The sources vary dramatically in quality and cost. The higher the ingredient cost, the more expensive the product. The higher the quality source, the better absorption and benefit.

This leaves a big challenge to consumers. How do you know which is a good source and which isn’t? How do you choose a product that will benefit you vs. flushing it down the toilet? Most of us do not have the time or the desire to research every ingredient source. We simply want products that work!

To help you choose wisely, follow these three tips.

  1. Avoid the lowest priced products. These products are rampant with low quality and low cost ingredients. You are better off playing lotto!
  2. Avoid products with outrageous claims. Look 10 years younger! Re-grows hair overnight! Build 10 lbs of muscle instantly! Unlock your brain’s full potential! If the company is using false or illegal claims to sell their product, chances are they don’t care about the ingredient sources.
  3. Look for brands that have 3rd party testing certifications. Companies and organizations like BSCG, NSF, and Informed-Choice are watching out for consumers. Products that hold their certifications have been independently scrutinized for quality, purity and efficacy.

Dietary supplements can play a major role in your health and longevity. If you have avoided them because you’ve seen headlines like these, don’t count them out. Take the time to find a trustworthy brand with products that create a noticeable benefit. This will keep your money invested in your health vs. ending up in the toilet!