Here’s the deal, if you’re a dude you probably have a couple of items in your bathroom that you use regularly.  Toothbrush (that better be on your list), floss, razor, beard oil, etc.  Probably, you are letting these daily used items just roll around in the top drawer of your bathroom.

Well how about you knock that off, get organized and get yourself a dopp kit.  A dedicated bag that will keep all of your toiletries in one convenient place.  You have a lot to keep track of in your life and the last thing you need to be thinking about is, where my floss is.  Get a dopp kit and promptly huck all these bathroom items in there zip it up, store it on your bathroom sink and move on.

Where can you find one of these “dopp kits”? Pretty much everywhere! Almost every clothing brand has one as well as most department stores.  But not all are made equal.  You want a kit that is going to last. You want a kit that looks manly.  You want a kit that looks like you’re getting ready to go to war. Well look no further than Vermilyea Pelle.  Maker of fine leather and waxed canvas goods.

Vermilyea Pelle’s dopp kits look like you could carry a bunch of tools in it.  That’s what rugged fashion is about.  The dopp kit that we are giving away is made from 18oz soft waxed canvas from the UK and Stonewood colored bison leather from Tasman tannery in Maine.  This thing looks boss! I want it!  What’s awesome about this bag is that it’s made by one guy, in his shop, by hand, using the highest quality leather and canvas around.  This bag will run you $79. Why buy a dopp kit for $15 when you are just going to be replacing it in six months.

Get your bathroom life organized. Don’t just let your life be disorganized by constantly looking around for where your deodorant or toothbrush is, get a dopp kit from Vermilyea Pelle.  You won’t be disappointed.

Ok, as long as we are still talking about bags and organization I have one more for you. Get a briefcase/messenger bag that shows you are an adult.  Stop using the Jansport backpack that you had in 6th grade. Time to upgrade to something that is functional and stylish in the same breath.

I have personally spent almost the last 30 days breaking in Vermilyea Pelle’s Field Ranger wheat twill/black English bridle briefcase.  I have never used let alone owned a bag that was so indestructible, rugged, fashionable and functional.  I work in an office for a living, so I carry a computer, phone, papers, lunch, camera and whatever else my daughters decide to hide in my bag. Surprisingly, this bag carries it all, without it looking like it is busting at the seams. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

This bag uses English bridle leather from Chahin tannery in Mexico, using some of the finest Italian tanning equipment.  Additionally, this briefcase is made from hard waxed 18oz twill canvas straight out of the UK.  18oz canvas twill?! That is like body armor.  This briefcase along with the rest of the Field Ranger line comes with three inside pockets. Two on one side and large one on the other.  In addition to the inside pockets it also has a large outside pocket that’s great for just throwing stuff in while on the go.  This bag’s hardware is also unreal.  The zipper, clips, rivets, buckles and snaps are all heavy duty, indicating that they are going to last a long time.  This bag retails for just under $350.  Honestly that’s a pretty good price when you consider that the bag is made by one guy, made in the USA using high quality materials.  You could easily pay two or three times that for a bag made by a top designer.

Look, bags are essential for life.  They help you transport good from one point to another.  They help you stay organized and protect your important items.  Why then would put what’s important to you in a bag that is easily damaged or destroyed?

Do yourself a favor get quality made bags in your life!  Visit Vermilyea Pelle, get outfitted for the different occasions in your life.  Plus by doing this, there is an added extra bonus….you get to look like an adult.

So what’re you waiting for? Get crackin’!

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