In most cases, your choice of university puts you directly on a certain career path, whether you like it or not. It often happens, however, that you realize that’s not the call for you, but perhaps it’s too late – too much effort and money spent on education will not let one just give up on the career they have started. However, there are universities that do not determine your actual future career – for example, if you go to med school, it doesn’t mean you want to become a doctor. Also, there are many jobs that you could excel at with just practice and occasional courses, such as the job of a freelance writer. A company called Truity Psychometrics, which is a provider of career assessments, has made a list of the 4 types of people. So, according to this list, what is the career you should pursue?

Are You a Pragmatist?

If you love using logical systems in your job in order to produce tangible results, you are a pragmatist. However, there are 4 types of pragmatists out there – you could be a supervisor, and in that case, the job of any kind of administrator would be perfect for you. You could pursue the career of an actual administrator, or a general manager. If you cook well, the job of a chef is perfect for you. Moreover, there are the realists – people who like to think logically, and thus the perfect jobs for them would be as accountants, or logisticians. As for all the other pragmatists (troubleshooters and technicians), the jobs in which you could actually see the results are perfect. Sales managers, military officers, mechanics, police officers – all of these jobs provide something tangible which would be great for all of those who like visible results.

Are You a Theorist?

If you’re extremely innovative and like coming up with new ideas, there might be a chance you’re a theorist. As the name of the category suggests, theorists are great both in theory and in innovation, so it’s best if they chose a career in accordance to this.

For example, if you find yourself a leader as well, the job of a physician, an architect or a lawyer would be ideal for you. In the same manner, if your advantage is strategic thinking, try the career of a surgeon or a microbiologist. Other great career options for theorists with great ideas are those of a reporter, professor, entrepreneur or a director.

Are You a Caretaker?

Like to help other people? You’re definitely a caretaker. If you are an actual caring provider and a helper, jobs such as that of a nurse, nutritionist, elementary school or kindergarten teacher or a social worker are excellent for you. Also, there are caretakers who are outgoing, so if you’re one of them, the job of a bartender and a receptionist are some of the careers you should pursue. Nevertheless, there are those caretakers who like working from home or an office. If you’re one of them, and you like to be sitting down and thus helping and make money online, then the modern, popular job of taking paid surveys online is great for you. It’s simple, doesn’t take much time and it’s quite profitable.

Are You an Empath?

If your wish is to help people solve their problems, and make the world a better place, you’re a kind empath, and there are jobs that you would be excellent at. For example – if you understand people, are a leader and a motivator, and you inspire people, you should definitely choose to pursue the job of a teacher or a health educator or minister.

If you are expressive with words or drawings, then try being a travel writer and visit the most distant places of the world, be a novelist, interior designer or an artist. There are so many beautiful and interesting jobs for empaths, so if you consider yourself one, and you have a certain talent, try combining these two.

You Don’t Know What You Are?

If you don’t see yourself in any of the 4 previously mentioned categories, never mind. Perhaps one day you will, and when that day comes, you will most certainly try anything you can to pursue the career you want. However, for now, you could choose a career that’s not too popular but actually very rewarding, such as the job of an air traffic controller, stenographer or anaesthesiologist. All these jobs are very often ignored for a certain reason but are financially very rewarding and interesting to a certain extent.

There are career choices ahead. Actually, there is more than one job you could be excellent at. Try to list all the positive aspects of your personality and try to think about what job requires all of them. If there is one – then that is definitely the job for you. Good luck!

About The Author:

Peter Minkoff is a men’s lifestyle writer at The Beard Mag and High Street Gent magazine from UK and AU. Beside writing he worked as a grooming consultant for many fashion events around AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.