How you dress says a lot about you. It gives people some insight into who you are. They don’t even have to meet you to start putting together opinions about you. We wanted to put this to the test and see if we could predict how the guys from the Nordstrom Fall catalog are voting on election day based only on how they are dressed. This election is a mess anyways so why not turn to fashion to help us decide?


This guy is an open book. That power suit and classic point collar, and don’t even get us started on that preppy wall street power tie. It’s a great look for a man that wants to be perceived as constantly in control. It’s a great cover because no one would suspect that he spends his nights up late harassing innocent Twitter users. His footwear choice is a flashier choice for such a conservative guy but even conservatives need to let loose every once in a while. Give this guy a Trump baseball cap and he’d be good to go.

Clinton: 0 Trump: 1




Our initial thinking was that this dude was a Hillary fan. I mean he’s a young, hip millennial that Hillary’s always saying she knows so well, right? His henley and slim pants definitely point to a more relaxed, you might say liberal leaning. Plus, his military-inspired jacket is definitely more of a fashion statement than a political one. Then we got to the shoes. The resurgence of casual sneakers like these Vans can only mean one thing. He’s a hardcore Bernie fan and refuses to choose from the two candidates we’ve got left. He’ll probably end up voting Hillary but not before everyone on Facebook knows how much of a disgrace he thinks she is.

Clinton: 1 Trump: 1



This guy’s a Hillary fan for sure. He’s got these smart slim trousers and a perfectly calculated look. Maybe even a little too calculated. Plus, he seems to have mastered the subtly confused look that comes in handy when people start asking if you got their email. Maybe people won’t ask too many questions because they’ll be busy complimenting his stylish footwear choice. Finally, the finishing piece is his structured jacket with oversized buttons. Short of wearing a matching pantsuit, we’re not sure how he could be any more of a Clinton supporter.

Clinton: 2 Trump: 1





This is one snazzy looking guy. It’s clear he’s not afraid to make bold choices and he doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks. He could go either way really but in reality he’s probably not even voting. He’s just going to pack up his very stylish luggage and head to Canada.





Well there you have it. The men of Nordstrom have spoken and it looks like we’ve got 4 years of pantsuits ahead of us. But if there’s anything we’re sure about with Clinton it’s that she’s got an endless supply of mediocre pantsuits. Go USA!

Final Tally
Clinton: 2 Trump: 1