Black Friday. A day of mayhem, sales, camping out in front of stores, scratching, biting, maiming, buying a 72″ big screen TV that you don’t need. The holiday season is upon us! But this Black Friday, we at OneUpped have the inside scoop on the best deals that you haven’t heard about; the stuff and ideas that get you disconnected from empty consumerism and “stuff” and get you reconnected with family, friends, nature, and yourself. Skip the stores and enjoy life – you don’t need anymore crap cluttering up your home.

Aisle 1 – Home Goods

Photo courtesy of VRBO
Photo courtesy of VRBO

Don’t deal with long lines and department store bedlam – Invest in a little R&R at home. Get cozy in bed and read a good book or watch a little TV. Sit on the porch and take in the weather and scenery. We guarantee there won’t be any lines or fist fights.

Aisle 2 – Outdoor Gear

Photo courtesy of Patrick Lipsker

It doesn’t take a credit card or a keen eye for sales to get into the great outdoors and just disconnect for a little while. Go fishing, hike your favorite trails, camp out for a weekend – whatever you choose to do, enjoy the peace and quiet and just clear your head.

Aisle 3 – Electronics

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The weather is beautiful, the air is crisp and clean – get active, enjoy the season, and invest in yourself instead of a bunch of new gadgets. Grab your ear buds, throw on your favorite playlist, and go for a run. You’re doing your body good and getting the blood flowing, and honestly it’s a much better and more positive form of exercise than going all UFC on the woman at Best Buy who is eyeing up the same 50%-off big screen TV as you.

Aisle 4 – Food and Drink

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It’s easy to forget sometimes that the holidays are about togetherness and enjoying the people we love the most. We get so caught up in shopping, deals, sales, and “stuff” that we forget the best investment we can make is to spend time with the people we care about most. Cook a big dinner, invite your family and friends, eat, drink, play board games, and catch up. Let the rest of the world climb over each other for sales on scarves and NFL jerseys – you just take stock in the people that matter most.