Belt shopping, for lack of a better word, sucks.

I can think of a hundred things I’d rather be doing. Why? Because whenever the time comes to find a new belt I get confused and intimidated. Whether I shop in-store or online I usually give up on finding the perfect belt.

Belt sizing confuses me as well. Why is it that I have a 32 inch waist, but when I order a 32 belt it never seems to be a good fit, leaving me to use only the first or last belt hole? And god forbid I find a belt I want that only comes in small, medium or large sizing options. What exactly does this mean in the waist size world anyways?

When I came across Anson Belts, my once love-hate relationship with belts quickly turned to a belt bromance

Lately, giving up wasn’t an option. I recently changed up my diet and fitness routine, which led to shedding a significant amount of pounds, leaving my pants baggy and my current belt collection useless. I needed to find an alternative, and I needed to find one fast. That’s when I came across Anson Belts, and my once love-hate relationship with belts quickly turned to a belt bromance.

Anson has taken the belt world by storm, and provides a foolproof solution to finding the perfect belt options, not only for your current size but whatever toned-down size you may have in the future. And that’s pretty awesome. Each strap has no holes! No holes means your belt won’t show those droopy marks that normal belts can have over time, leaving your Anson clean and polished.

Their streamlined process allows you to customize your desired look with the size you need. Each belt comes one size, and you simply trim off the excess length you don’t need creating the perfect fit, all with a simple pair of household scissors. But perhaps the coolest feature about Anson belts is that you no longer need a collection of 20 belts in your wardrobe. Each Anson belt strap and buckle is interchangeable, so you can mix and match each strap to create a belt that is polished and formal one day, and the next day change out the hardware for something more casual and cool.

I opted for traditional black and brown leather straps, along with a more casual black canvas strap. For the buckles, I selected one modern rectangular clasp and a polished nickel buckle. These three straps and two buckles now give me six dapper options depending on what type of outfit I’m wearing. Best part – these six belt options cost under $100. That’s like getting six belts for the price of what you’d spend on one belt at a retail store.

The owners of Anson have your back, or should I say your waist

In a world where it seems quality customer service is disappearing, Anson is a rare exception as a company that stands by their product. The owners of Anson have your back, or should I say your waist. If anything should happen to the functionality of the belt, they’ll repair or replace at no charge.

With their wide selection of interchangeable straps and buckles, I am no longer the guy that dreads belt shopping. I now find myself stalking their online site frequently feeling like a kid in a candy store, wanting to pick more straps and buckles as if they were the latest Pokémon cards. Consider me an Anson collector, or perhaps connoisseur is a more appropriate term!

So as I continue to hit the treadmill and hopefully continue to shrink, I know that Anson will have my waist. Give them a try yourself by visiting, and go for the gift box option that gives you six different looks (three belts, two buckles) for $99.95. Then get ready to be that guy that has a belt to match every pair of shoes he wears.

Thank you to our friends at Anson Belts for sponsoring today’s style post.