Bachelors, this is for you. With Valentines Day around the corner, do you have a special person coming over? I have rounded up 10 things a man should never have in his home.

1. Glade Scented Plugins

Or anything that seems like their mother bought for them.

2. Framed Picture of Your Parents on Your Bedroom Nightstand

This is just a bit creepy to have your parents staring at you when you’re in bed with someone.

3. Oversized Reclining Furniture

Leave it to the 1980’s. You are now living in 2017. There are so many beautiful furniture styles that are classic and will never date.

4. Artificial Plants

Make one trip to your local Home Depot and stock up on succulents that are very low maintenance.

5. CD/DVD Racks

Again, this is not the 1990’s. Time to GOODWILL those babies.

6. Litter Box

If you must have a cat, hide that litter box somewhere it cannot be seen from any room.

7. Dry Cleaner Hangers

Head to your local TJ Max and load up on the fabric-covered hangers that give your closet a clean uniformed look.

8. Plastic Wine Glasses

Not only does it make your wine taste bad but what a way to kill a fine evening and a good wine.

9. Toilet Floor Mat

We all know men are not the cleanest but NO ONE wants to step on a wet toilet mat.

10. A Decorated Dining Table With Placemats, Glasses and China

This will not impress anyone especially if you can’t cook.