We live in a competitive world. And man has been trying to one up his fellow man since the beginning of time. The best engineers, scientists, designers and pilots have always worked to constantly advance the aviation industry. The mere fact that only 66 years separates the Wright Brothers first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and the Apollo 11 moon landing by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong is a testament to man’s undying commitment to progress.

At Avi-8 they drew on the absolute best in materials and resources to create a collection of timepieces that seeks to honor both the aircraft and the untold story of the airmen who have dedicated themselves both in and out of the cockpit. All of their watches are named after the iconic WW2 aircrafts that inspired them. Read more to learn how you can win an Avi-8 Hawker Hurricane of your own.

As an aircraft, the Hawker Hurricane was produced by Hawker Aircraft Ltd for the Royal Air Force and was a single seater fighter plane featured in World War 2. Sometimes overshadowed by the Spitfire, it was nonetheless the Hawker Hurricane which could truly claim to be the most acclimated, most successful, most reliable aircraft to deliver Allied Victory in the air during WW2. It was the unsung hero of the Battle of Britain – the most crucial of air victories for the Allies and delivered more enemy kills than any other aircraft combined. How’s that for one-upmanship.

Avi-8’s Hawker Hurricane watch is a classic aviation inspired chronograph. It’s classic case shape shows off detailed dials, colors, and graphics that celebrate the spirit of an era gone by. The hour indexing is straightforward and I dig that the hands look like propellers. The vintage designed sundials of the chronograph are all blended to create a timepiece that is elegant in design, precise in performance and stylish in its comment on the wearer. The leather strap is both dressy and casual. It’s a timepiece that nods to the present while honoring the past. The 42mm case and 22mm strap make this a larger watch without being obnoxious.

Avi-8 watches were created as homage to guys like Erving Cook. Guys like Erv didn’t talk about style, they were style. They invented style.

I’m a vocalist with a big band that plays the 1940’s American Songbook of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin. We do our thing at a joint called the 94th Aerosquadron, a replica of a French farmhouse full of military memorabilia and aviation relics, complete with a P51 Mustang and army jeeps parked out front. People don’t just come out to hear the band, they come to dance. One night I started a conversation with Ervin Cook, who piloted 65 missions over Europe in a B-26 bomber named “Slightly Dangerous” with the 397th Bombardment Group. At one point his was the only crew left in the barracks, the rest of the crews had been shot down.

Avi-8 watches were created as homage to guys like Erving Cook. Guys like Erv didn’t talk about style, they were style. They invented style.

There are 28 other Hawker Hurricane styles in Avi-8’s line, ranging from $165 – $450. In addition to the Hawker Hurricane they also offer the Hawker Hunter, Hawker Harrier II, Lancaster Bomber, Flyboy, and the Supermarine Seafire.

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