Men’s style and fashion is always evolving. But the beauty of the digital age is that all the latest developments and trends are right under our fingertips – you just have to know where to look.

Want to step up your style game? Ready to rock this year’s raddest looks? Then you need to be following these seven style pages on Instagram right now.

1. Dr. Andrew G. Carr (@inn8chiro)

Carr is a dad, a husband, and one stylish cat. His rugged but refined take on jeans, boots, awesome accent socks, and urban sensibilities mixed with practicality and minimalist pieces is the perfect inspiration if you’re looking for a style that’s understated but totally cool.

2. Matthew Zorpas (@matthewzorpas)

En route…. @massimodutti #paseodegracia96

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Three piece suits, suspenders, puffer jackets – is there anything Matthew Zorpas can’t pull off? The answer would seem to be a resounding “no.” Zorpas style floats all over the map from tailored and formal to relaxed and casual, but he follows the Golden Rule of style: as long as you’re wearing clothes that fit you properly and are timeless and classic, you are bound to look amazing.

3. Tim Melideo (@timmelideo)

Tim Melideo, of Stay Classic, is a photographer and a style wizard. As he explains on his blog, his foray into fashion was a “means to force himself to dress better, and to do it on a limited budget.” Melideo is all about low-budget outfits that look sharp and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re looking for killer style inspiration without breaking the bank, Tim Melideo is your man.

4. Phil Cohen (@thepacman82)

Phil Cohen is going to lay it all out for you. Literally. His page is filled with killer photography of awesome outfits and style combos that will show you not only the shirt, pants, and shoes he’s rocking, but will even spell out the details down to the watch, wallet, and accessories he’s sporting to round out the outfit. It’s perfect casual wear for the modern man – from boots and jeans, to sneakers and shorts, Cohen is here to help you look great in a laid back way, no matter the season.

5. Carlos Costa (@roque_80)

Autumn colours 🍁🍂are beautiful. Eyes and time @kaptenandson #bekapten

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He’s known for his beard, his tattoos, and his vintage-inspired style. Carlos Costa can rock everything from formal wear and fedoras to leather jackets and ripped jeans. If you’re looking for inspiration to look like a rockstar, Costa and his lifestyle/fashion blog Roque & Soul are going to become fast favorites.

6. Brian Sacawa (@hespokestyle)

Brian Sacawa started his style blog He Spoke Style “as a way to blend men’s style inspiration with men’s style information, to provide practical style advice, and to offer approachable, honest and relatable content for regular guys interested in menswear.” The result is an account that covers everything from formalwear to casual street style. Want to know exactly how to layer a waistcoat with a suede jacket? Sacawa’s going to help you out. Ready to learn how black denim can actually be dressed up as an in-between alternative to a pair of trousers? Oh, Sacawa’s got you covered. Follow him now, thank us later.

7. Jeremy Lahman (@lahmansbeard)

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our very own Jeremy Lahman. Writer, editor, teacher, and musician, Lahman has become a staple in the fashion community. Known for his grid shots and daily layouts, his style is a perfect mix of masculinity and men’s fashion staples, and fun twists on vintage pieces. Do yourself a favor and give him a follow.