Want the interior designer look without having to pay interior designer prices? Look no further than your own backyard. Here are 5 inexpensive outdoor elements that speak volumes when brought indoors and paired with clean, simplistic designs.

1. Pods For Your Pad

Dried pods are an amazing addition to any arrangement as they add natural and unmistakable beauty to any piece.  Because these pods were created by Mother Nature, your work is done and there is little left to do to make your arrangement beautiful. As an added bonus, they are also dried and preserved, leaving them to last in your home for years.

2. Buck Up

Skulls and antler sheds in sparse modern interiors can offer texture, warmth and life to any room.

3. 100% Cotton

Raw cotton boll branches are usually found in the south but can be picked up at your local farmers market or wholesale florist. The cotton is organic, interesting and adds a wealth of texture to any accent piece.

4. Why Stop At The Bottle

Retired grape vines have brought joy to generations of wine drinkers and now your home. Decades of careful cultivation combined with the vines’ natural tendency to create their own whimsical chaos yields striking compositions.

5. Branch Out

Birch branches are excellent natural materials for adding original designs to modern interiors. These unique works of nature make great stand alone accent pieces for any room.